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Path lighter. Professional trainer. Retired parole officer. Marilyn Stein is all this and more – a social worker and sought-after speaker at the crossroads of criminal justice, addiction, trauma, and wellness. It’s a crossroads she helped forge as an early advocate of reform, recovery, and trauma-informed care.


Who is Marilyn?

Marilyn founded MGS Consulting, a training and consulting organization, upon retiring as a parole officer in 2002. Her singular goal: To bring evidence-based behavioral health advances to courtrooms, counseling spaces, prisons, and individuals struggling to figure out how to live their best lives.

Meet Marilyn Workshops & Events

I knew early in in my probation career that my clients were far more than just a headline, or their criminal behavior. I know if we could help them see that they were more – especially those with substance use disorders – they would do better, their families would do better, and our communities would do better.”

Marilyn Stein

How I Can Help?

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Curriculum Design & Training

Customized classes and programs resonate with audiences and learners.

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Pathfinder & Guide

Work one-on-one with Marilyn to uncover your strengths, navigate barriers, and live more meaningfully.

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Team Works

Marilyn strengthens skills and trust among groups, optimizing team function and outcomes.

Words to Grow On

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