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Marilyn Activates Outcomes

Marilyn is a go-to for groups and individuals seeking support in the areas of addiction, recovery, criminal justice, professional protocol, compliance, personal growth, and more.

Curriculum Design & Training

It’s Marilyn’s sweet spot: Designing and delivering curriculum that speaks to learners and drives change.

Virtually or in-person, Marilyn assesses needs and builds original course plans accordingly. From there, she imparts it vividly and effectively ­– the antithesis of a dull lecture! Comfort, participation, and empowerment are the hallmarks of Marilyn’s workshops and courses. Whatever the topic, participants are encouraged to use their greatest source of power: Their voices. Personal and professional outcomes – and an astounding number of return clients – speak volumes.

Pathfinder & Guide

Marilyn’s natural gift? Helping others uncover theirs.

Since she was a child, people have turned to Marilyn on their journey to fullness. Now a longtime professional, she has – like a good tour guide! – refined the practice of holding open and illuminating space for others to step into when they’re ready.  

Whether goals relate to money, career, relationships, or substance abuse, there’s always a larger objective at play: Learning to live more comfortably in one’s own skin. Marilyn supports clients from all walks of life, with a specialty in substance use disorder (including disorder de-stigmatization). She harnesses evidence-based research to guide new neural pathways and choices, so clients can replace emotional responses with decisions rooted in fact. Marilyn serves individuals as well as professionals in the recovery field.

Team Building

Ready to have your notion of team building rocked – and your team emerge stronger? Marilyn’s engaging approach is the choice of organizations and drug court teams nationwide. Using evidence-based tools and methods, she works first to identify exactly what’s needed within a group, and – this is key! – what’s already working. From there she draws out habits that grow successful behaviors and lasting camaraderie. Strong teams in any setting produce stronger results. Wellness and recovery settings in particular benefit from the solidarity that Marilyn’s jumpstarts.

Evidence has proven that the experience of trauma is pain that lives in both our thinking and our physical bodies. Substance use is, initially, a way to soothe pain. For some it eventually fails