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Earth Hour 2022

“later that night

I held an atlas in my lap

ran my fingers across the whole world 

and whispered

where does it hurt?

It answered




– Warsan Shire, (excerpt from What They Did Yesterday Afternoon)

The Earth Hurts

March 26, 2022 has been designated Earth Hour. Every year on the last Saturday in March global efforts are practiced to help improve the health of our favorite planet – Earth! The first Earth Hour was celebrated in Australia in 2007 for the purpose of increasing climate awareness. Climate change has the potential to negatively impact all of us around the globe. When the earth hurts, we hurt too. Small gestures like switching off the lights for an hour can have a huge impact. People from 190 countries participated in 2022. Collectively, a small gesture holds great potential.

How Do you Celebrate Earth Hour?

It is simple… just turn off your lights for one hour from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. What can you do with your lights turned off? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! A few ideas include reading a book, or playing a board game by candle light, preparing a candlelight dinner, or hosting an outdoor picnic. Take a moment to look up at the night sky, or write a gratitude letter to your favorite tree.
Earth Hour ideally builds momentum for the continuation of practices and policies that protect the earth’s resources. Why not extend Earth Hour into your regular routine. To learn more about Earth Hour and eco-sustainability check out earthhour.org.
May our small gestures relieve some of the pain.

How do we fit our everyday goals and ambitions into the bigger picture? Participating in events that benefit the population as a whole can give greater purpose and meaning to your path. Schedule a consultation with Marilyn to see how you can reach your full potential.