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The Miracle of Bees: How a Communal Mindset Benefits the Entire Hive

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd is a fictional story that changed me. I loved the story, but I especially loved the main character August Boatwright. I want her to be real. August represents wisdom, love and the mothering the world needs right now.

August’s power was the genesis of my love for bees and the reason I am now a mother to two hives full of bees. My own mother, who only visits in my dreams, is also someone I deeply love and miss. She died half my life ago but her memory sweetens over time. My fledgling apiary is named Irma and August’s Honey to honor my late mother and my favorite book.

Intimidated and Inspired

Being a bee caretaker is far outside of my comfort zone. I do not see myself as an “earthy’’ kind of girl: More a “hail a cab” city girl. In fact, when I first posted a picture on Facebook of my bee adventures, one comment alluded to Green Acres. But bees represent the very best of community and family which is why I love them.

Marilyn in her apiary.

What specifically do I love? First, it is a matriarchal society. The queen bee and her worker bees (all female) do most of the work. The queen runs the show and without her the hive will not survive. She is the ultimate mother, producing every new life in that hive.

Further, bees are all about community and live by the idea that it takes a village. Their survival depends on cooperation and productivity. Finally, I love the idea that bees live by my personal motto “Fierce is not a size!” These tiny creatures that are as light as air are responsible, through cross pollination, for almost all the food that we eat.

Mostly it seems to me that bees are miracles. I hear their hum, in C sharp, I see their beautiful work in the hives, and I smell the nectar that will be honey. Admittedly, I am a novice but willing to learn for the wellbeing of these tiny beings who give so much. I love bees. And like August says in the Secret Life of Bees, …if you love doing it, that will be enough*.

Behave Like Bees

Encouraging members of your team to work towards a common goal, like bees, ensures the health of the hive, or workplace. Contact Marilyn for her expertise in creating training courses designed to foster a communal and productive mentality where all bees work together towards a common goal.

― *Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees