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World Honeybee Day 🐝

The Path to God is Paved with Honey

Saturday, August 20th is World Honeybee Day! Certainly a day to celebrate, not just the beauty of these magnificent creatures, but the crucial part they play in the food chain.

Let’s take a minute and celebrate honey too — surely this golden elixir is a miracle. Forager worker bees fly out from the hive in search of nectar-rich flowers. Using their proboscis (nose), a forager bee drinks the liquid nectar from a flower and brings it back to the hive. The process of converting nectar to honey takes thousands of bees who only live for a short time. A single bee produces little more than half a teaspoon so imagine the number of workers and all the effort required to produce a pound of honey. It is actually their food source and a hive of bees requires about 60 pounds to survive the winter. 

They are kind enough to share the excess with us!  This awesome process is miraculous and I choose to believe that bees work in tandem with God. Whatever you believe, treat yourself to some delicious, local honey today!

Enjoy some of my beautiful bees going about their duties.

Photo Credit: Emma Comrie

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